The Romanov Group partners with private and public organizations to accomplish their information management goals and objectives. Our user-based approach ensures satisfaction of each client's unique requirements. Our primary services include:

Document Design, Development, and Production

The Romanov Group specializes in bringing together a talented pool of publications support specialists whose skills can be drawn upon and readily applied to all of an organization's publications needs. The Romanov Group has a core group of writers, editors, and designers that we assign as needed to client efforts. This group listens to a client's needs and produces results to fill those needs.

The Romanov Group affiliates are well versed in established rules of writing and design concepts. This allows the Romanov Group to provide professional quality writing, editing, document design, and layout services to our clients.

The Romanov Group has extensive experience designing, developing, and producing documents for our clients. We have a solid grasp of the styles employed in numerous types of documents, including:

  • Publications for large-scale distribution
  • User Technical Manuals
  • Contract Deliverables
  • In-house Publications
  • Proposals
  • Business Plans
  • Presentations
  • Speeches
  • Image Design

The Romanov Group also understands the importance that effective image design has in conveying information; as the old adage goes "A picture is worth a thousand words". The Romanov Group is associated with some of the top graphic artists and designers in the area. We can help clients flesh out designs that convey ideas and ideals. The Romanov Group has the knowledge and experience to provide our clients with images that enhance our client's publications.

Web Design, Development and Maintenance

The Romanov Group is committed to developing websites that work for users. Our team members have developed design guidelines and development and testing procedures that ensure client websites are clear, intuitive, relevant, error-free, and easy to use.

The Romanov Group follows a collaborative, user-focused design process where the client, project director, information architect, interface designer, graphic designer, and web programmer each contribute their particular expertise. The Romanov Group answers the following questions in the system design process:

  • Who are the users?
  • What are the tasks that the user wants to accomplish?
  • How do we present these tasks in a way that is intuitive to the users?
  • What is the most efficient way to develop the system?

In answering these questions, the Romanov Group is able to provide a complete web package geared towards the client and the client's users.

Information Architecture

Information Architecture (IA) is key in developing and designing effective content. What good is grouped and labeled content if the user cannot "see" how it fits together? IA is used to develop context. Navigation, the representation of information hierarchy, helps us provide context. As designers of performance-based products, we use IA to build navigation that works. There are many tools that IA uses to flesh out the best navigation tools, such as:

  • User Testing - direct observations of the users interaction with the product
  • User Analysis - evaluation of how users find their way through the structure of the information

The Romanov Group often works in conjunction with Info. Design, D.C.'s premier IA firm. We use Information Architecture, to develop the most comprehensive, easily navigated products for our clients.

Information Technology Support Services

The Romanov Group's principal staff possesses more than 17 years of experience in succesfully accomplishing information technology efforts for both the public and private sector clients. We bring experience in the following areas:

  • Project Management
  • Work Flow and System Design
  • Budget Development and Management
  • Staff Structuring and Management
  • Acquisition Support
  • Contract Administration
  • Subcontract Management

Romanov Group professionals possess extensive business, technical, and project management acumen. They have accomplished projects ranging in value from a few thousand dollars to several million dollars. With a focus on large scale records management, they are an effective asset to any company striving to keep abreast of current trends in the world of IT.

Business Development

To be successful, all businesses strive to grow. Business development is a process which is key to this endeavor. Business development in both the federal and commercial marketplace, must be approached in a knowledgeable, systematic manner..

The principal staff of the Romanov Group has more than 17 years experience in providing business development services for small businesses.This experience allows us to help guide our customers through to the proverbial "pot of gold". Some of the services we provide in this area are:

  • Technical and Business Proposal Development
  • Targeted Marketing Plan Development
  • Lead Identification and Development
  • Revenue Forecasting

We ensure that our customers avoid wasting efforts and show them how to channel their efforts towards their realm of expertise.

Management Consulting and Organizational Development

The Romanov Group is experienced in providing management consulting and organiztional development services. Through the experience of staff members, we can bring skilled services to fulfill an organizations requirements. Our service areas include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Organizational Structuring
  • Performance Indicator Design and Development
  • Information Management System Design
  • Quality Assurance Program Design
  • Management Training
  • Human Resources Management

The Romanov Group provides all of the above services with a commitment to excellence that we bring to every effort.