The Romanov Group was created to help public and private sector organizations achieve their information management goals. The Romanov Group's primary business focuses are providing information technology service aid and assisting organizations with communicating their ideas and other types of information. Proper management and dissemination of information is key to the survival of any entity in today's marketplace. The Romanov Group's services assist organizations in meeting their challenges in the business marketplace and to assist them in expressing themselves, via whatever media, in such a manner that the "information user" can understand.

The Romanov Group is a small, woman-owned company, with headquarters located at 1916 5th Street NW in Washington D.C. The Romanov Group was created in 1998 by Ms. Veronica Romanov. The company was started with the idea of bringing integrity and a commitment to quality to each and every opportunity. It is these principles that lay at the cornerstone of our foundation.

Ms. Romanov founded the organization following a 16-year career working with a number of Washington metropolitan area information management and technology federal contractors.

As a result of a large-scale records and information management project that she designed and directed, Ms. Romanov received a Vice Presidential Hammer Award. The Hammer Award is presented for "contributing dramatically to improving the way government works."

Under her direction, the Romanov Group has grown into a thriving organization with satisfied customers throughout the Washington metropolitan area.