The Romanov Group has worked with a number of top notch firms in their respective fields of specialization. We have built solid relationships with information architects, web designers, web developers, web hosts, writers, editors, speechwriters, printing specialists, attorneys, and information technology professionals throughout the Washington metropolitan area. Through these associations, the Romanov Group is able to provide an extensive range of services catered to individual client needs.

In this Connections section we have provided links to our associates, our clients, and other resources which small businesses will find useful.


The Romanov Group is pleased to present a few of our associates who's experience and expertise have been instrumental in fullfilling the Romanov Group's committment to quality. Those associates include:

A + Legal Services - Greenberg & Lieberman Law Offices - A premier law firm in Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights, they also function as an intellectual property law firm and locally (D.C. and Maryland) as a general practice law firm.

Brian MD Consulting - A cost effective comprehensive web hosting service that can fill any web hosting requirement quickly and expertly

Cindy Au Thatch Freelance Web Designing Service - A cost effective solutions provider for web site development and design

Delta Microsystems, Inc - One of the highest quality computer training companies in the area. Request information via our training page and you'll receive a 10% discount on courses

Info. Design - The premier information architectural firm in the D.C. area.

National Community Reinvestment Coalition (NCRC) - A non-profit organization created to develop and harness the collective energies of community reinvestment organizations from across the country.

NOVA Web Group - A small, woman-owned web development and design consulting firm that creates cost-effective Internet solutions for small businesses.

Sebastian Classics - A professional quality advertising design and production proprietorship.


The Romanov Group has a growing list of satisfied public and private sector customers In the following section we've provided the names, descriptions, and links to a number of them.

Artisys Corporation - An integrator of client server network computing and information technology company.

Cylab Inc. - A technology software engineering company formed to provide government and commercial clients with solutions to technology challenges.

Global Woman (Forum for Intercultural Communication) - A non-profit organization which emphasizes international poverty and woman issues

Info. Design - A top information architecture consultancy and think tank

ITEQ - Integrated Technologies, Inc. - A professional services firm specializing in complex advanced technology business solutions

KBM Group, Inc. - A high-technology, research, and management services firm dedicated to providing technical excellence

Maden Tech Consulting, Inc. - An information technology (IT) system integration service firm

United States Postal Inspection Service (USPIS)

Walton & Green Consultants - A woman-owned, HUBZone, 8(a) information technology and accounting services firm

Resources - Women in Business

The following list provides resources that may prove vital to small growing businesses. Each listing provides access to service areas which most small businesses can find useful.



Entrepreneurs & Consultants Special Interest Group

National Foundation for Women Business Owners

Women in Business

Women's Business Center

National Association for Female Executives


Women's Information Network

Working Woman

Women in Information Technology

DC Web Women


Association of Women in Computing

Women in Technology International

Government Resources

SBA's Online Women's Business Center

U.S. Department of Labor, Womens Bureau

The Romanov Group would like to thank Bettina Brunner for her assistance in researching and compiling the women-in-business resources.